Maximum security. Maximum flexibility.

We pride ourselves in the way we implement the products and services our teams develop together with our clients. We make sure applications are always available and that we can perform updates carefree at any time.

Scalable hosting solution

Our clients are able to scale unlimited, thanks to the use of kubernetes and load balancers. This also means you can scale temporarily, depending on the actual needs.

Non-stop monitoring

We watch your applications continuously, not only checking uptime, we also actively monitor whether all components are available, with a special focus on business critical functionality.

Strategic partnerships

We do not limit our service to delivering a state-of-the-art environment. We partner with our clients, and in close cooperation we tailor environments to changing requirements and share our knowledge.

High availability

We truly understand the importance of availability of critical applications. We make sure an issue with one component stays isolated so that it doesn’t interferes with other parts and your application is always available.

The clients we serve

"The flexibility and expertise at Smartshore ensures that we can continuously develop and innovate on Together, we thus bring out the best for our users."
Marc van der Graaf — Reformatorisch Dagblad

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Reformatorisch Dagblad
Reformatorisch Dagblad

We developed a complex digital media platform for EMG's newspapers using Strapi as Headless CMS.


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Red Cross Netherlands

Development of an LMS platform that coordinates first-aid training and certification for over 300,000 trainees.